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Rotary engine rebuilds

At garageREG we offer a full engine rebuild service, from OEM spec all the way to 1000HP drag engines and 26B conversions. our services include:


Iron lapping

Rotor housing resurfacing.

Rotor housing re-chroming (coming soon)

Stock size studs 1/2” race studs and machining.

Solid dowells and machining External oiling systems

machining clearanced and lightened rotors from street to full race with modified gears and gear retainers.

Dynamic balancing.

Race blueprinting of irons.

Compression testing.

Motorsport preparation.

Custom fabrication.

The garageREG service doesn't stop at what we can do, coming from a racing background we can help guide you to build the car that you want or need. Our knowledge is spread across all forms of motorsport and engineering. Please use the CONTACT page to discuss your requirements. 

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